is an eclectic and international ensemble of well-established musicians Boston-based. The ensemble is led by Italian drummer and composer Giuseppe Paradiso. The original music performed by Meridian 71 is characterized by a very distinctive and unique voice, as a result of an extensive and ongoing research into various music traditions and cultures. Influences range from jazz and improvised music to American, Mediterranean and African traditions.

PHOTO BY SAM DULAY BRUCE. Boston, July 2018.



Mark Zaleski: alto & soprano sax, flute and clarinet

Utar Artun: piano & keyboards

Jussi Reijonen: fretted & fretless guitars, oud

Galen Willett: fretted & fretless elec. bass

Giuseppe Paradiso: drums, percussion & compositions

Malick Ngom: West African drums

*******   Upcoming new album release in 2019!   *******

Music that talks to the listener, rich of several and different cultural elements that Giuseppe and his magnificent band blend wonderfully together with sweetness and energy. Encounter and fusion of melodies, harmonies and rhythms that evoke arcane atmospheres, intense sentiments and distant landscapes, but strongly present and real. Music that makes you travel beyond the boundaries of imagination to offer you swirls of deep emotions.
— Marcello Pellitteri Drummer, 
composer, educator.
Una musica che parla a chi l’ascolta, ricca di svariati e differenti elementi culturali che Giuseppe e la sua splendida band riesce a mescolare meravigliosamente con dolcezza ed energia. Incontro e fusione di melodie, armonie e ritmi che evocano atmosfere arcane, sentimenti intensi e paesaggi lontani, ma fortemente presenti e vivamente reali. 
Musica che ti fa viaggiare oltre i confini dell’immaginazione per regalarti vortici di emozioni profonde.
— Marcello Pellitteri Drummer, composer, educator.

The ensemble has been active since 2012, releasing that same year the first album "Otherness Collection", featuring all original compositions by G. Paradiso and an international roster of musicians.

Burcu Gulec – voice (Turkey)
Mark Zaleski – sax soprano and alto, flute, clarinet (United States)
Hagai Perets – guitar (Israel)
Utar Artun – piano, keyboards (Turkey)
Greg Feingold – upright and elec. fretless bass (United States)
Andrew Dow – elec. bass (United States)
Yuriana Sobrino – percussion (Mexico)
Giuseppe Paradiso – drums, percussion & compositions (Italy)
Recorded in Boston, MA (USA) by Alex Munoz and Javier G.F. Escudero.

This album was also inspired by a collaboration with philosopher Dr. Francesco Paradiso, leading at exploring the ethical implications of the encounter between the practice of world jazz music and the philosophical concept of otherness.


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