In Momentum Series

In Momentum is a bi-­weekly concert series in Cambridge, MA (USA) founded in 2013.

Experience improvisation through the performance of an eclectic and highly talented array of artists in its purest form, with no other rules than being in the moment.

In Momentum Series (IMS) is led by Italian drummer Giuseppe Paradiso and  Swiss vocalist Gabriela Martina. The series was created as an opportunity for musicians to focus on creativity and development of their own natural musical voice and language, without any compromise. In a constantly growing community, musicians from different cultures and backgrounds break boundaries to create on the spot, in a very inspiring and supportive environment. 
In a society, where musicians are often influenced in their creative process by external factors such as the music business/industry, music education, music categorization etc., the purpose of this series is to create an environment to enhance freedom of creativity through improvisation. Deconstructing forms, musical ‘rules’ and genres, lead us back to the passion of making music as genuinely as a child at his/her first approach with the instrument. 

IMS has focused, for most of the past shows, on four different duos performing in each concert, involving a large number of local and international musicians.

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